Privacy policy

UB3R-B0T does not collect user information, outside of information you explicitly provide, for example storing a city for weather lookups or a username for Last.FM lookups. Information you provide is never shared with anyone.

UB3R-B0T can collect user messages in a server, only when using the 'quote' command.

If at anytime you wish to remove any data associated with your user account (be it a location for weather, or your username, or any message quotes associated with your user ID) you can use the '.terminate' command to remove your data.

When using this application's administration panel, you will be required to sign in with an existing Discord ( account, in order to manage settings for the server to which you have added UB3R-B0T.

For questions you can contact the UB3R-B0T team (moiph) on the Discord support server: